Film set catering cape town

Anyone can cook. Finding the right film set catering cape town crew can be easier with Tasty’s Catering.

If it weren’t a grand occasion, you simply would open a can of sardines, pass-out toothpicks, and serve-up the beers.

Done and the job is over.

However, it is officially and certifiably an “Important Event,” you want not only good food and refreshing beverages but also impeccable service-prompt, polite, unobtrusive, and well-versed in the finer points of etiquette.

As you recruit your caterer, skip oversampling the food and beverages, getting right to the heart of the matter:

Coordinate the Event

Can your caterer coordinate the event and crack the whip on his or her staff, doing everything short of cutting the guests’ meat, making the event perfect as any affair ever hosted at a royal palace?

Just as important, can your caterer clean-up so well you see no signs of a soiree on a cold morning after?

It’s not about cooking. It’s about collaboration and coordination.

As you launch your head-hunt for the caterer par excellence, resist the urge to do too much planning.

Instead, tell the film set catering cape town crew the nature of your setup and the kind of ambiance you have in mind.

Sit back and relax

Then, sit back and assess whether or not we share your vision and can deliver the goods.

If a caterer brings-out a standard one-size-fits-all menu and price list, thank the caterer for their time and take your leave.

A caterer genuinely dedicated to service automatically understands film set catering in cape town.

Identity and style to further understand that satisfying the client’s desires is both the goal and the heart of excellent service.

Examine your Caterer

Naturally, you should examine your prospects’ references, testimonials, and client lists.

If your caterer has served prior film shoot companies you have some assurance they are will be able to do the job.

But do not allow reputation alone to seal the deal.

Hungry upstart often out-performs their more accomplished but complacent rival.

As you plan your quality-catering recruitment process.

Take a moment to consider what distinguishes an exceptionally successful professional from others who share his or her job description.

Top Performers

In most cases, you will discover the top performers have a gift for asking probing, penetrating, insightful questions and then offering proposals carefully adapted to your answers

Almost as importantly, exceptionally skilled professionals willingly negotiate, giving and taking until you feel confident you have the goods and services you need.

If you leave a catering consultation with the general feeling you have endured a good grilling and roasting, you probably have found your person.

Pay no attention to price. Focus on value.

Crunch some numbers before you choose your caterer. First, total the retail cost of high-quality food and premium beverages for your shoots; then, triple that total to estimate the price of full service.

Don’t except the first offer

Although you may feel tempted to accept the lowest bidder, maintain a healthy skepticism.

If a caterer’s bid comes-in too far below your own estimate, you know they are cutting corners somewhere.

Naturally, the same reasoning applies to a bid much higher than your estimate: unless you see added value in some of the products and services, you’re just getting gouged.

Finally, just as when you shop for a new automobile, here too keep in mind that no caterer has food, beverages, and service so gobsmackingly magical you cannot walk away from them.

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